With a POLECAM camera crane, typical crane images, but also new, fresh and unconventional camera movements and perspectives can be produced in a previously unknown dimension – space shortage or tight budgets are over. Rigging takes no more than 10 minutes – the fastest set-ups can be achieved with a POLECAM. More crane images can be shot than with conventional jib or crane systems – not to forget, the Polecam can be easily carried from place to place with a working weight of 20kg – without any modifications. Only one person is needed to operate and move the crane. The POLECAM is extremely flexible in use and can also be worn in a vest!! No matter from where – whether from a canoe, train roof or from a bicycle – with the POLECAM crane shots from extreme positions are now possible without any problems.

The POLECAM allows a crane height of 6.5m, while its carbon construction keeps it absolutely light, fast and above all safe and unobtrusive.

There are no limits to your imagination – the POLECAM makes it possible.

polecam system

unobtrusive, versatile, fast

The POLECAM is a unique 6m ultralight crane, which can comfortably travel in a compact pack size without breaking tight budgets. Assembled in about 10 minutes, crane pictures are possible in an unimagined mobility. Even from a special vest the Polecam can be used portable. It is equipped with special POV cameras, which reach a resolution from HD to UHD/4K. Only the operator and his flexibility are needed to use a Polecam. A conversion does not take longer than the way to the next location. The equipment is specially designed for extreme positions from which crane images have NEVER been shot – from a kayak, in the wilderness, from a rock face or from a motorcycle – anything is possible.

Heavy, big cranes have had their day!!

remote head

The electronic remotehead of the POLECAM is controllable via a joystick and is one of the fastest and most precise on the market, yet with a weight of only a few hundred grams it remains the lightest. The risk of injury is reduced to a minimum due to the lightness of the system.

3-axis gimbal

Optionally a 3-axis gimbal can be used as Polecam remote head. This even offers the possibility to use state-of-the-art 8K camera recording (from summer 2020).

30° angle

The unique carbon construction of the Polecam makes stabilizers made of steel cables or rods unnecessary. An angled element in the arm now allows the „kink“ in the boom. This allows „changing sides“ or a view over a group of people.

polecam Rrcording options / cameras

Special high-resolution POV cameras, where the camera head is separated from the control unit, can be used on a Polecam. The characteristics, resolution and quality of these special cameras are comparable to common broadcast cameras. This also guarantees a use in professional camera networks. The camera can of course be externally clocked via a BlackBurst/TriLevel Sync signal.

  • Polecam Kamera LMP HD 1200

LMP HD 1200

LMP Remote Control Panel

  • lmp_ceberus_4k

cerberus 4K

In standalone operation of a Polecam an external recorder must always be rented. Here all common recording formats – as well as RAW and Proress-recording are possible.

A 3-axis gimbal can also take any current SLR camera. Here an 8K recording is possible from summer 2020.

  • Polecam Gimbal Kamera

Polecam Gimbal

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